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Ink Business Cash Credit Card
Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Ink Business Cash Credit Card

If you decide to keep costs to a minimum, the Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card offers a large amount of money back (including purchases on employee cards) for business purchases, subject to an annual purchase fee.

Login Bonus

Earn $ 500 in the first 3 months of opening the account, after making $ 3,000 shopping.

Award Rates

Get 5% of the first $ 25,000 in office supplies stores and Internet, cable, and phone services each year in unified acquisition

Gas stations and restaurants earn 2% on the first $ 25,000 spent on combined purchases each year on the anniversary

Earn 1% on all other card purchases with unlimited amount


  • Earn $ 500 bonus after 3,000 $ shopping in the first 3 months of account opening
  • Save 5% on the first $ 25,000 money spent on combined shopping at office supplies stores and internet, cable and telephone services every year
  • Earn 2% of the first $ 25,000 money spent on merged purchases at each year’s gas stations and restaurants
  • Earn 1% on all other card purchases with unlimited amount
  • 0% input APR for purchases and balance transfers over 12 months
  • Running cards at no additional cost
  • No annual fees

Ink Business Cash Credit Card review

Rewards Rate

5% cash back on internet, cable and phone services ($ 25,000 in purchases per year)
2% cash back on gas and dining ($ 25,000 in purchases per year)
1% cash back on same ads

Sign-Up Bonus
$ 500 if you spend $ 3,000 in first 3 months

Annual Fee $ 0
Average Yearly Rewards Value ($ 4,000 monthly spend) $ 886
APR 15.24-21.24% (variable)


  • Payments do not expire
  • Various redemption options, including checkout credits, deposit into check or savings account, travel, gift cards, Amazon purchases, experiences
  • Transfer points to qualified Ultimate Rewards cards


  • A minimum of 2,000 points for a redemption
  • $ 25,000 purchase limit in bonus categories

Other Key Features

Wage for employee cards, individual limits per card, mobile wallet application to track receipts, purchase protection, extended warranty protection, car rental insurance

Your Chase Ink Business Cash card is difficult to beat if your main business spending involves purchasing internet, cable, telecom and office supply stores. Ink Business Cash offers a $ 500 registration bonus, which is extremely high for a free business card. It also rewards regional business expenses such as driving out to meet with customers or take out for food.

However, all costs not included in these categories earn a fixed refund rate of 1%. As with all tiered reward cards, it’s important to see if the card’s bonus categories match your spending patterns – you may find that a flat-rate card or card that offers bonuses in different spending categories gives you a higher average payback rate.

Unrivaled rewards for consumables and internet purchases

You can shop up to $ 25,000 on Internet, cable and telephone services and office supplies stores with up to 25% reductions per year. Since Chase has stopped offering access to the Ink Plus card, Chase Business Cash is Chase’s single or low-paying contact to redeem 5 percent of these categories.

Most of your monthly services, such as Internet, cable, and mobile phone costs, can be paid as well as expenses for websites or broadcast services, in order to earn high-paid cash.

Nice recoil in gas and dinner

Ink Business Cash also earns 2% on gas stations and restaurants. This is a solid turnaround to do too much driving and cooking for your business.

An additional advantage for frequent drivers: Chase provides insurance for car rental – the same policy that Chase Ink Business Preferred cardholders have to offer for a $ 95 cardholder.

Upgraded membership bonus

Chase currently offers $ 3,000 in the first three months of opening an account, offering an upgraded offer for a $ 500 Ink Business Cash card – or if you have an Ultimate Rewards card, such as a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you will be awarded 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points. This is an unusually rich bonus for a card that doesn’t charge annual fees. If you want to collect a lot of Ultimate Reward points, it’s a great time to sign up for the card.

Flexible redemption

Ink Business Cash is very flexible in letting you pay your money back. To meet your rewards, you have a purchase limit of 2,000 points and a purchase limit of US $ 25,000 for your bonus winnings. Otherwise, it’s easy to use your rewards. You have the option to pay in cash, as well as a large number of payment options, including transfer of points to other specific Chase credit cards that are awarded the Final Reward points.

The Score transfer option makes the Ink Business Cash card and the Ultimate Rewards cards in general valuable. You can match the Ink Business Cash card with other Ultimate Rewards cards and use the 5% bonus on business purchases to maximize your scores.

Built-in perks

For a free business card, Ink Business Cash offers some nice benefits. Allows you to set individual limits on employee cards. In addition, you and all cardholders have the full menu of Visa Signature Benefits, including travel insurance, automatic rental insurance (theft and collision), up to 120 days of purchase protection, and extended warranty protection, including an additional year in the US gets. goods.

Not for long-distance business travelers

This card does not reward the traveler, which includes more than a day trip in your own car. Hotel, flight ticket, rental car or train schedule earns a default of 1% – this is not a good return on a major charge.

If you are a frequent traveler looking for a very rewarding business award card, you should check the Ink Business Preferred card – a very generous sign-up bonus, three points per dollar on travel purchases and 25 percent bonus points for travel.

Why get the Ink Business Cash card?

  • You want to avoid annual fees on your own and / or your employees’ business cards.
  • You have at least $ 3,000 in business expenses in the next three months to receive your membership bonus.
  • You’ll want to start with a low-cost card that will win big prizes for shopping at office supplies stores.
  • Your business causes ongoing spending on internet, cable and telecom services.
  • You have a local job that requires a lot of driving and food.

How to use Ink Business Cash card

  • Use your card for most purchases in the first three months, so you can multiply the minimum $ 3,000 required to win the bonus.
  • If your commissioning costs include equipment that can be purchased at office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot, this card can prove to be a low-cost path for front-end expenses.
  • Using Ink Business Cash for these purchases also means that you are covered by Ink’s purchase protection plan.
  • Put all the internet, cable and telecom bills of the car park on the card in order to earn 5% of these expenses.
  • Buy gift cards for stores such as Amazon or Home Depot in qualified office stores to earn a 5 percent bonus for expenses that don’t match one of the card’s bonus categories. (Note that some vendors don’t allow you to buy credit cards and gift cards.)
  • If you are planning to travel long distances, consider matching this card with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which earns three points on travel purchases.


The Ink Business Cash Credit Card can be requested here!

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