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Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card
Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card

When it comes to paying your credit card debt, the Wells Fargo Platinum Visa card is one of the best cards here. The APR for 18 months 0% intro and the annual fee provide the cushion you need at no charge.


  • Purchases and balance transfers (fee charged), then 13.49% – 26.99% variable APR; Balance transfers made within 120 days are entitled to usufruct and fees
  • When you pay your monthly mobile phone bill with Wells Fargo Platinum Visa® Credit Card, you can secure up to $ 600 (down to $ 25) on your mobile phone.
  • Easy access to your FICO® Credit Score with Wells Fargo Online®
  • Zero Liability protection for unauthorized transactions
  • Useful tools to help you create a budget and manage your Expenditure Map and expenses
  • $ 0 Annual Fee
  • Select “Apply Now” to learn more about product features, terms and conditions.


  • 0% Login APR
  • Car Rental Insurance
  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • EMV
  • Free Credit Score
  • Mobile Payment Ready
  • No annual fees
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Zero Fraud Responsibility

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card Review

0% Entry Balance For Balance Transfers 18 months
Transfer Fee for the first 120 days $ 5 or 3%
Promotion Buy 0% APR for 18 months
Normal APR 13.49-26.99% (variable)
Yearly Fee $ 0


Other Important Features

up to $ 600 mobile phone protection; Free access to FICO credit score; roadside transmission; credit protection; quick alerts

If you’re looking for a balance transfer card that will help you pay your credit card debt, the Wells Fargo Platinum Visa card is a zero-throw option with 18 months of entry, one of the longest 0 percent available.

However, please note the charges. For example, there is a 3% foreign transaction fee and a 3% balance transfer fee. After the first 18 months, the transfer fee will increase to 5 percent. (Both costs are above average when compared to similar cards.)

Regular rates range from 13.49 to 26.99 percent (variable). Therefore, cardholders must make their payments immediately during the low APR months. In general, minimum payments are applied to low APR balances before balances with higher APR.

Adopting the fact that this card does not offer a traditional prize package, Wells Fargo provides mobile phone insurance instead. When cardholders pay the phone bill with a card, they earn $ 600 against damage or theft. One of the unique offers offered by the protection-oriented advantages that come with the card.

Automatic rental collision damage waiver

Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) offers insurance coverage for car rentals with your Visa card. Insurance provides reimbursement for damages due to collision or theft as well as to the actual cash value of most rental vehicles.

Only the current card holder (the primary tenant of the vehicle) is eligible for a waiver. If the card holder does not have personal auto insurance, the CDW will reimburse the costs including: theft, damage, loss of use applied by the applicable administrative and automatic rental company, and reasonable withdrawal fees incurred when you are responsible. for rental car.

Travel accident insurance

This advantage offers services to assist you in an emergency when traveling. Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Available services include: emergency messaging service, medical and legal referral assistance, emergency transportation assistance, emergency ticket exchange, lost baggage collection service, emergency translation service, prescription assistance and valuable document delivery arrangements.

Eligibility applies to current Visa card holders as well as their spouses and children – provided children are under 22 years of age.

$ 0 obligation

At no extra cost, Wells Fargo Platinum Visa card provides protection from liability for unauthorized transactions. You should not be held liable, unless you immediately report the proceedings.

My Money Maps tools

Wells Fargo offers cardholders access to money management tools to help better organize finance owners. My Money Maps tools help in the following areas: spending, budgeting, savings and resources for future financial stability.

Why did you get the Discover Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card?

  • You want an important 18-month start to pay off your debt.
  • You are already a Wells Fargo customer and would like to solidify or redesign your financial system.
  • You want a lot of additional protection that no other cards offer.
  • The awards are not great, but it is important to have annual fees.

How to use Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card

  • If you have opened a Wells Fargo card within the last 15 months, be sure to qualify for the publicity APR offer on this card.
  • Try to pay as much debt as you can in the 18-month entry period. If you owe a longer payment period, the accrued interest will offset any money you save.
  • Once your 0 percent period starts, create a payment plan to pay your balance on time.
  • To qualify for mobile phone protection, pay your phone bill with a Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card. If the phone bill is paid from a Wells Fargo Debit Card, Wells Fargo Business Card,
  • Wells Fargo Commercial Card, or Credit Transfer card, the coverage is not valid.


The Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card can be requested here!

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