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Credit card on vacation
Credit card on vacation

Credit card on vacation

Credit card on vacation

Credit card on vacation

When the vacation time comes, the suitcases are packed quickly. Before that, however, one should think about the travel fund: How much money would you like to take with you and how? Cash, credit card or traveler’s checks? Which is the right credit card for the holidays? Financial experts recommend in this case a travel mix of several payment forms. In this way, the traveler also approaches cash in those places where there are no vending machines but only banks. In touristically developed areas such. In Madagascar or Central Africa, an emergency reserve in the form of traveler’s checks is also recommended. These must, however, be purchased and paid before departure. For paying with a debit card or credit card, the traveler does not pay any fees within the EU zone. Outside the eurozone, however, you have to expect fees up to 3% of the purchase price or up to 8 € per cash withdrawal. If the traveler travels with a wrong card, he has to accept such high fees. Therefore one should inform oneself before departure about the various credit cards in time.

The ideal credit card for the holidays

An ideal credit card for the holiday simply does not exist, as every consumer also has different wishes, preferences and payment habits. Before you decide on a credit card, you should first take a close look at all their properties. For example, there are toll-free credit cards, free credit cards, credit cards with a high credit limit, credit cards with possibility of partial payment and so on. It’s important to understand that a toll-free credit card is not a free credit card by the way. For example, free credit cards generally do not require an annual fee, with toll-free credit cards for free cash withdrawals or card payments. Some consumers simply want to have a large line of credit on vacation, but if the bill amounts are not repaid on time, this can result in costly partial repayments. If you feel unsure about using a credit card and want to be careful with your credit, you should opt for a so-called prepaid credit card. For holidaymakers, therefore, we recommend the permanently non-contributory Barclaycard New Visa or the ICS Visa World Card.

Compare credit cards for vacation

As a flat rate can not be said, which credit card is suitable for every vacationer, we recommend a comparison of the various credit cards. The ideal credit card for your vacation should therefore cause as little or no charge as possible – regardless of whether you withdraw cash or pay at the restaurant. Therefore, it is worth comparing a different credit cards. As a rule, you can not go wrong with a debit card while on holiday in the EU, but a real credit card is accepted worldwide at around 22 million cash registers. With a credit card you can pay in the restaurant as well as cash withdraw at the ATM. However, caution is advised, as cash withdrawal outside of the eurozone is usually very costly. Luckily, there are some exceptions in this area, because not all credit cards are expensive. Depending on the provider, there are also such credit cards, with which the tourists worldwide can withdraw cash for free. If the particular credit card is still issued without renewal fees, you have found the perfect credit card for the holiday.

Such a credit card is e.g. the visa card of the DKB. It offers a worldwide free cash withdrawal and a fair currency exchange. This includes a free partner card, a free Internet account and a free checking account, which even convinces with a credit interest. The best part is that the consumer does not have to pay any account or annual fees. The visa card of the DKB is completely free of charge and is one of the highly recommended credit cards.

The Visa Directcard of the ING-DiBa convinces with similar conditions, as it does not bring any account and annual fees. In the euro area, holidaymakers can withdraw cash free of charge, with foreign currency fees amounting to 1.25% due for transactions in foreign currencies. Nevertheless, the consumer gets back a part of the fees for card payments, because with payments of amounts starting from 50 € in each case 0.50 € are credited to the current account. However, the ING-DiBa Visa Directcard is linked to the opening of a new but free checking account. There is also a free partner card. Those who are convinced of these conditions will also be well served by the direct card – especially if the holidays take place within the EU.
For a holiday outside the EU, however, the Visacard Classic of Comdirect Bank is suitable. Also, it is not bound to any account and annual fees, but offers a free cash withdrawal both within the EU and in the EU.

The Barclaycard New Visa also offers a similar offer. In addition to free cash withdrawal worldwide, there are also no account and annual fees. The offer is only valid for new customers. Interest rates are 0% for up to two months and the account can be settled in both flexible installments and one-off payments. The Barclay Card New Visa is therefore particularly suitable for those consumers who sometimes overdraw their account. Therefore, it is also suitable for tourists who want to play it safe and like to have a little extra credit.
The Payback Visacard is also free of charge in the first year, then an annual fee of 25 € is due. The credit card enables a part payment function and also offers low premiums and shopping vouchers. On holiday, you can withdraw cash for free worldwide with the credit card, but limited to a daily limit of 250 €.
Safety on vacation comes first

Credit cards are ideal for travel abroad, as they are fundamentally safer than cash and give the owner a sense of well-being. A stolen or lost credit card can be blocked immediately, while there is no substitute for stolen cash. Should it come to card theft or loss, then a call to the Sperrhotline 116-116 is sufficient to lock the credit card. It should be noted, however, that not all credit institutions are registered with these blocked numbers, because some companies also offer their own blocked number. This should the consumer necessarily check before the holiday and also note the own card number, as this is necessary together with other card data for successful blocking.

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