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KBC Mastercard Silver Credit Card
KBC Mastercard Silver Credit Card

KBC Mastercard Silver Credit Card

KBC Mastercard Silver Credit Card

The Silver credit card is the cheapest Mastercard from KBC: in combination with a Plus account, it costs 3 euros per month. You can pay with it in shops or restaurants worldwide and you can also go to online stores. You determine the spending limit yourself; By default, it stands at 2,500 euros. Finally, you can pay back flexibly and take out a few free insurance policies.

Choose your spending limit

With a KBC Mastercard Silver you can spend up to 2,500 euros per month. If you easily go over that limit or if it is just a little lower, you can adjust it yourself in your online profile or via the mobile application.

Flexible repayment

The main feature of the KBC Silver card is that you can redeem your purchases in stead of all at once. With KBC Flex Budget you decide how much you pay back monthly: a fixed percentage of the outstanding balance or a fixed amount. If you refund a percentage, this is legally at least 5.6% of your outstanding debt.

If you repay flexibly, remember:

that you pay interest on the outstanding amount from the second month onwards;
that you can not spread your payment infinitely. You are legally obliged to pay your balance within the zero-term period. That date can be found on your monthly bill and in KBC Touch.
Protected purchases, longer warranty
With every KBC credit card you can take at least two free insurance policies: purchase protection and extended warranty. With the purchase protection insurance, your shopping purchases are protected against damage or theft for up to 90 days after purchase.

The insurance extended warranty gives you two years extra warranty on top of the legal two years. The insurance covers small and large household appliances, audio and TV sets and do-it-yourself equipment.

If you want more or other insurance policies such as travel cancellation insurance, the protection of your internet purchases or extra protection while traveling, you should also check the KBC credit cards Gold and Platinum.

  • Main features
  • Cheapest KBC credit card
  • Adjustable standard limit of 2,500 euros
  • Flexible payments with KBC Flex Budget
  • Free insurance and guarantee


Costs and characteristics

  • Annual contribution € 21.96
  • Expenditure limit 2,500.00 €
  • Flexible payment? Yes
  • Debit rate 12.44%
  • Cash withdrawal 1.00%
  • Exchange costs 2.00%


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Does the purchase protection cover all my purchases?

Not all: it covers new goods that you bought for private use and that are worth 50 euros or more. You bought them from a professional seller and you must have paid for your purchases with your Silver card. The insurance does not cover money, mobile phones, fur or art.

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