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The credit cards of American Express
The credit cards of American Express

The credit cards of American Express

The credit cards of American Express

American Express is now the world leader in credit cards for business travelers and is particularly geared towards this customer group. But the private customer is also welcome and finds a balanced range of credit cards.

The American Express Credit Card: Various Amex credit cards that are geared towards a different lifestyle and customer needs. The American Express Gold Card is now available without the 40,000 Euro annual income required until November 2010, free in the first year.

On the following pages we provide you with detailed information about each American Express credit card. Due to the clear structure you are able to quickly, e.g. due to the fees or the service to select the appropriate card for you.


About American Express

The first American Express card came on the market in 1958. Within five years, more than one million cards were accepted and accepted in 85,000 institutions inside and outside the United States. Soon, the company introduced credit cards in each currency in many regional markets. Benefits allowed cardmembers who were on long trips to postpone the actual payment. The company developed additional products, such as the 1966 American Express Gold Card. Within the next ten years, the credit card business continued to grow, providing the company with a significant profit. To many people’s surprise, this was also true of the trade in Travelers Checks.


By the late 1970s, American Express, like many other big companies in the era, was determined to become a global enterprise with a diverse portfolio of services. And the well-known Amex Business credit card was a complete success. Broad revenue streams were intended to secure the company in case it had to face hard times in one of its core areas. Over the next few years, American Express acquired several major corporations, including Shearson Loeb Rhoades, First Data Resources, Trade Development Bank, Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, and Investors Diversified Services (renamed American Express Financial Advisors in 1995).

However, synergies between the subsidiaries that had hoped American Express’s management did not materialize. In 1985, after the company had made a large number of acquisitions, American Express resorted to another – well-tried – strategy: it focused on building core areas from the inside out, leaving aside activities that did not fall into those areas.

Some of the investments were repelled and it seemed as if the plan would work out. American Express had a great year in 1986. For the first time in the company’s history, the company made a profit of over $ 1 billion.

With an American Express credit card can be purchased in any online shop, which has a perception with Amex. Alternatively, we recommend our selection of free credit cards.



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